Theodore Manolides

To the memory of my parents, Alexander and Theodora and To my beloved children, Alexander and Theodora.




The publisher and author wish to thank all the owners of paintings who have kindly allowed them to be reproduced in this book.Many of these are private collectors who wish to remain anonymous.No book is accomplished by a single person. I would like to thank Ezio and Paola Gribaudo, who guided, organised and published this book, and throughout production gave expert guidance, providing welcome encouragement along the way. Their contribution has been


I am exceedingly grateful to Athena Schina, Professor at Athens University, who wrote her text with professional skill and a profound understanding.It is pleasant to report the gracious and individual help and consistent moral support of my artist friends George and Olga Famelis.

Francesco Baragiola, Marzia Branca, Marcello Francone, Franco Peruzzi, Serena Parini, Magda Baltoyanni, Mackis Skiadaresis, Ulysses Vaharidis and Yannis Vaharidis added a contribution of hearthwarming and generous assistance with their skills and creative expertise. It has been stimulating to work with them.

Cover Demeter and Persephone Throwing Seeds upon the Earth (cat. 133)

Back Cover Olive Tree  (cat. 78) Page 6 Against Evil, Destiny, 2005 Collection of the artist

Editor:Paola Gribaudo

Design:Marcello Francone

Copy Editor:Emanuela Di Lallo

Layout:Serena Parini

Translations :Jeffrey Cox, Yannis Goumas

Photography: Mackis Skiadaresis,Ulysses Vaharidis, Yannis Vaharidis

First published in Italy in 2006 by Skira Editore S.p.A.

Palazzo Casati Stampa

via Torino 61

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© 2006 Theodore Manolides

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9   Transhistorical Reality

    Theodore Manolides

15  Mythologia Naturalis

    Athena Schina

27  1970 Living Moment

65  1980 Silent Conversation

113 1990 Eternal Past Eternal Present

149 2000 Essence and Mystery


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